Ludwig Vandevelde

Over the past thirty years, Ludwig Vandevelde (° Antwerp (B), 1957), created a few hundred sculptures and drawings. Although these works are widespread in Europe, the artist considers his artistic contribution as limited to a few major works.  The main part of this self-limiting selection is shown on this website.

The artists' practice results in highly crafted, realistic wooden sculptures. He explores the tension between reality and its representation. Ludwig Vandevelde is very suspicious about fantasy, emotional expression, patronizing and moralizing as means of artistic practice. He himself makes cool, distant observations and representations, which show reality as an emotionally loaded, but untouchable 'outside'. Sublimation as a result of compaction of formal, material and thematical content is key to understand his aesthetic position.

He often uses classic themes and motives, in order to investigate their meaning for today. This results in a critical questioning of contemporaneity.

Ludwig Vandevelde was quite successfull in the eighties and nineties, with exhibitions and participations in gallery's and museums, such as the Produzentengalerie, Galerie Jule Kewenig, the Venice Biennale, the Muhka in Antwerp or the Rijksmuseum in Enschede or the Groeninghemuseum in Bruges..

The last decade, his works are seldom seen in public. He mainly concentrates on the constant development of his artistic practice and skill.

Ludwig Vandevelde wrote a doctoral thesis on the proces of artistic creation under the title 'Fenomenologie van een creatieproces' (2002, Ed. MER Gent).

Recently, the Antwerp University installed a work that resumes the themes and practice of his sculptural work.